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Aid and Help for Sex Workers in Denmark

Help and Supporting Sex Workers in Denmark: A Guide to Available Resources

In Denmark, as in many places, sex work is surrounded by complex social and legal issues. Despite the challenges, there are organizations dedicated to supporting sex workers, providing them with essential services, and advocating for their rights and safety. Here are some of the support systems in place for sex workers in Denmark.


1. Street Lawyers
- About: Street Lawyers is an organization that provides legal aid to street sex workers, the homeless, and drug users. They work to ensure the legal protection and advocacy for the rights of sex workers.
- Contact: Information not provided in the source.

- Contact: +45 33 33 05 05
- Location: Abel Cathrines Gade 21, 1654 Copenhagen V, Denmark.
- Website: Street Lawyers Website

- Services Provided:
- Legal support and advocacy.
- Efforts to destigmatize sex work and provide normal workers’ rights.


2. Sexarbejdernes Interesseorganisation (SIO)
- About: SIO is a sex worker-led organization founded in 2008 with the goal of advocating for sex worker rights, respect, and dignity, regardless of nationality and gender. They firmly stand against the criminalization of sex work.

This organization is an integral part of the support system for sex workers in Denmark, emphasizing the importance of listening to sex workers in matters that concern them and fighting against any form of criminalization in the field.
The services provided by Sexarbejdernes Interesseorganisation (SIO) include:

- Contact: +45 27578762 -
- Location: Denmark.
- Website: Sexarbejdernes Interesseorganisation (SIO) Website

- Services Provided:
- Advocating for worker rights for sex workers and ensuring their voices are heard in political matters related to the profession.
- Striving for every sex worker to be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of nationality and gender.
- Advocating for the rights of migrant sex workers to work and live in Denmark as Danish sex workers do.
- Raising awareness about the conditions of migrant sex workers and those who work on the streets.
- Working against the criminalization of sex work and the view of sex work as a social problem rather than a profession.


3. "KFUK's", Reden's Support for Sex Workers in Denmark: A National List of Resources

Since 1947, the "KFUKs" Social Work has worked for, and with, some of Denmark's most vulnerable people. It has given us a great deal of knowledge and experience with the people we meet every day and their problems.
Prostitution - Homelessness - Human trafficking - Abuse

Reden International
- Location: Gasværksvej 26, 1656 København V
- Contact: +45 22102162
- Website: Reden International Website

- Services Provided:
- Healthcare access, including for women without legal residence.
- Legal consultancy and representation.
- Guidance and care tailored to individual needs.
- Prepared repatriation and support in native countries.
- Safe house accommodations with counseling and educational activities.


Reden København
- Location: Gasværksvej 24, 1656 København V
- Contact: 33 23 40 52
- Website: Reden København Website

- Services Provided:
- Counseling, free meals, support, and emergency overnight stays.
- Assistance with public authorities and social system navigation.
- Support for Danish and Nordic women in substance abuse and street prostitution.


Reden Odense
- Location: Pjentedamsgade 36, 5000 Odense C
- Contact: 66 14 29 79
- Website: Reden Odense Website

- Services Provided:
- A safe haven for women over 18 with substance abuse, prostitution, mental health issues, or homelessness.
- Anonymous support, counseling, and overnight stays in acute cases.


Reden Aarhus
- Location: Sjællandsgade 6, 8000 Aarhus C
- Contact: 86 20 44 74
- Website: Reden Aarhus Website

- Services Provided:
- A being and counseling center for women in difficult life situations.
- Health clinic, emergency accommodation, and a variety of supportive services.


Reden Aalborg
- Location: Vesterbro 91, 1. th, 9000 Aalborg
- Contact: 53 75 30 33
- Website: Reden Aalborg Website

- Services Provided:
- Support for those who have received compensation for sex, intimacy, or have been sexually assaulted.
- Open café, health clinic, and a range of counseling services.


Reden Esbjerg
- Location: Nygårdsvej 134b 3.sal, 6700 Esbjerg
- Contact: 51 97 79 24
- Website: Reden Esbjerg Website

- Services Provided:
- Counseling and guidance for those compensated for sex, intimacy, or who have experienced sexual assault.
- Open café, therapy sessions, and a health clinic.

These organizations are dedicated to providing a network of support, advocating for the rights and safety of sex workers, and ensuring access to healthcare and legal services. If you or someone you know is involved in the sex industry in Denmark and in need of assistance, these resources can offer hope and practical help towards a safer and more secure future.


For anyone involved in the sex industry in Denmark, these organizations offer hope and practical assistance. If you or someone you know is in need of support, these resources can provide valuable help and guidance towards a safer and more secure future.